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At Arrow Dental, you have access to high-quality, approachable dental care that helps you achieve and maintain the healthy smile you deserve. Learn more about us.

We accept Medicaid and private insurance members!

Are you a Medicaid member or privately-insured individual in Oregon looking for friendly, quality dental care that’s flexible to your needs? We can help. We provide routine care and other dental services in a compassionate, honest and judgment-free environment.

We accept:

  • Walk-ins
  • Emergency services
  • Same-day appointments
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Quality dental care for all Oregonians

We are committed to improving the dental health of all individuals throughout Oregon. To help you get quality care when you need it, we accept the following insured and uninsured patients.

Dental services that support your smile

Want to improve your oral care and maintain a healthy smile? We offer a range of dental services from basic checkups and cleanings to same-day emergency services.

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